Feb. 27th, 2016

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Since we are about to have our 1st All Japan Tournament, I thought it would be a good idea to give members  information about how matches are drawn and scored. They are different between sports, but the principle is the same: God of Random decides!

Besides interaction, the teams are limited per university to allow both loss and win while still having your muse doing well or badly, at your own discretion. Just because your team lost doesn't mean you muse didn't play their best if that is not what you want. Yet, having playable characters in your team earns them special points or handicaps to make results more realistic.

NPC and playable teams without any character being played can still win. The reason being that Toyama is one prefecture out of 47, it would be very unrealistic and rather silly if only these 8 universities could win best 8 all the time when there are around 780 universities in the country. 

Now, for details:

wall of text )

This is the order of play, how teams are paired to play.

Practice matches: 100% Random

InterDai: 100% Random

/RegionalsEach payable team is matched wit an NPC for the 1st round. 1st winner qualifies for nationals

Payable teams + 16 NPC enter a triangle qualifier block chosen 100% randomly. All playable teams go through to Best 16, some NPCs are disqualified. What team each plays in the best 16 will depend on whether they won or came in 2nd in their qualifier block.
All Japan: Only 2 or 3 teams from Chubu are allowed in the Nationals depending on Prefectural and Chubu tournaments. There are 8 reasons in Japan making a total of 16 teams. Only or 3 are playable and will be set so they do not meet before semi-finals (if 3) or finals (if 2). NPC teams may still win All Japan.

Nationals: Similar to above, however, only some playable schools will qualify, so the tournament will starts with either best 16 or quarter finals. It has not yet been decided. It's not guarantee that a playable team will win nationals, but at least one will get to the final match.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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