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Hello comm lovelies~

It's that time again. In February, all clubs will be taking part in the Chubu Tournaments. Chubu is a part o Japan with several prefectures. The teams who won the prefectural tournament are already through to the Nationals in March, however, they still compete in the Chubu tournament. All ther other universities still have a chance to go to nationals.

On Friday next week there will be practice matches for the team sports [Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Baseball]. Each team will be only playing twice and on the same day, in the order stated below. Matches will take place at the hosting university from 8.30am. Club members of those 4 sports are away the whole day.

( host: Rakujo)

Morning Matches:
Kaikō vs Togei 
Rakujō vs Johōga
Hōsei vs Shirataiiku
DMDU vs Nenōda

Afternoon Matches:
Shirataiiku vs Rakujō
Togei vs DMDU
Nenōda vs Hōsei
Johōga vs Kaikō

(host: Togei)

Morning Matches:
Shirataiiku vs Hōsei
Togei vs Nenōda
Kaikō vs Johōga
Rakujō vs DMDU

Afternoon Matches:
Nenōda vs Shirataiiku
DMDU vs Rakujō
Johōga vs Togei
Hōsei vs Kaikō


(host: Togei)

Morning Matches:
Shirataiiku vs Kaikō
Hōsei vs Nenōda
Togei vs Rakujō
DMDU vs Johōga

Afternoon Matches:
Johōga vs Shirataiiku
Nenōda vs DMDU
Rakujō vs Hōsei
Kaikō vs Togei

(host: Shirataiiku)

Morning Matches:
Nenōda vs DMDU
Kaikō vs Shirataiiku
Johōga vs Rakujō
Hōsei vs Togei

Afternoon Matches:
Rakujō vs Kaikō
Shirataiiku vs DMDU
Togei vs Nenōda
Hōsei vs Johōga
Swim and Cycling clubs have whole day practice on Friday and no lessons.

If you need early results for plotting purposes, please let us know.

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Just letting you know that Rakujo and DMDU volleyball teams are facing each other both in morning and afternoon sessions!