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From now on the community if officially opened (GET POSTING! YAY!). There are a few things for us mods to do still but we thought it would be nice to just start now because from Saturday this weekend is what we call 'Silver Week' in Japan. We have a 5-day holiday from Saturday to Wednesday. Our boys, and hopefully girls, don't need to go to uni (to study) until Thursday! Club activities are as normal, if you so wish.

So enjoy the comm and enjoy making new connections. Please check the mod posts in the communities for information on maps, unis, clubs, housing, etc. See who's in your year, club, class, etc and have fun playing!

We may have people joining this comm who are new to this type of RP and even for those who are used to this type of game, it's important to look at the information below:

You post journals IN CHARACTER to your character's journal talking about whatever you want. Something they did that day, will do, something they are annoyed/happy about. If you must add OOC information, please do so under 'sub' and mark [ooc: ]... like this

For any posts that are OOC, maybe you want to find someone to log/plot, want to share some ideas, etc, then don't post in your characters journal but in the OOC community that you have hopefully joined already.
Lastly, try to avoid one-liners. Just posting something like 'good morning' doesn't allow much engagement from other players or give anyone an insight into your characters personality. You may use journals as means of private messages, phone text and email. Those can be one-liners are they are directed to someone in particular.

TENPURI & other future junior high (all characters age up 6 years from canon)
KUROKO NO BASUKE / HAIKYUU !! / FREE! and other senior high (all characters age up 3 years from canon)
1st years are 18 - 19 = must be in their 1st year of uni.
2nd years are 19 - 20 = can be either 1st or 2nd year (either because they failed entrance exams or decided not to take)
3rd years are 20 - 21 = can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd year (same as above)

In the game, students use their journal to connect with others online via the (fictional) Toyama's InterUniversity Forum, which they have gained access once they first joined their uni. All characters are able to see what university the others are part of, but other information, such as housing and club, is not available at the InterUniversity Forum. It's likely most people know each other as they might have been playing together or against each other for a while. There are also parties and all those things. Feel free to exploit this to make new connections.

All students studying at the same university, same year and same major are automatically in the same class. Same university, similar major and same year share some classes.

In Japan the academic year runs from April to March, so 1st years have been in uni since April 2015. All club members have been through the national league tournament. It just a week ago.

National Tournament just ended last week. For the purpose of plotting and development, and also so not all schools said they won everything, we have randomly but structurally came up with the result for Summer Season:
Please got to quick add and make sure you added and granted access to everyone. If your character is not there, drop is a note. Introduce yourself in the [community profile] teamuniooc  and if you have AIM let us know. We have a group chat set up for the community!

8D!! Now....*cuts the red tape*... GO!


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