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Hello tired university students!
Please, read the information below carefully.

Students taking part in the tournament (all of them besides medics & trainers) do not need to attend classes anymore. The last day of official classes is Friday 18th December. Classes restart on Monday 11th January

The comm keeps growing (yay!) and we now have 5 different sports and potentially more to come (finger crossed!), so I believe it is time to set some rules on characters mix sport skills. 

To avoid pointless debates, the rule is quite simple:  When playing a different sport, a character of one series is only as skilled as the least skilled in-game character of the other series. 

  • Characters who in canon are said to be exceptionally good/have skills at other sports. Please, use common sense. 
  • The least skilled characters is known in canon for being awful at the series sport. (Whether they are better now or not is at the discretion of the mun as should be respected.)
  • Character has been shown playing other sports in canon or there are other references which give comm members an idea of their skills.
  • Skills considered extraordinary in one sport do not have an effect on other sports. E.g., Akashi (KnB) cannot use the Emperor Eye when playing tennis, the same way Yukimura's yips in not effective in Volleyball, etc.
  • Due to the different levels of 'crack' and 'Dragon Ball Zness' between series, whatever strange super human skill a character has in their series, does not have an effect on characters of other series, unless agreed between muns. This rule DOES NOT APPLY TO SPORT, even if agreed between muns, in sport, the rule above must be preceded
Any questions about certain characters and how this rule would affect them, please don't hesitate to ask below.

Some characters are allowed to take different positions in the team besides players, swimmers, cyclists. These positions are:

Coach/Trainers (new)
Canon teacher/coaches.
Highly skilled players. E.g., PoT ShinPuri high schoolers.
Other adults known in canon for playing the sport skilfully.

Assistant Coach
High skilled players with coaching experience or personality for the position. E.g. Tezuka.
Coaching major students.
Female players in canon said to be good. E.g. Michimiya

Trainee Trainers
Characters who have in canon and inclination to train.
Have trained/taught others at a semi-professional level. 

Coach/Trainers and Assistant Coach go to tournaments and training camps, Trainee Trainers are not necessary during tournaments but should attend training camps.

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1. No God-Modding. It's really self-explanatory but just in case: "God Modding" is in essence when someone's character has the ability to do know things they shouldn't, and do things without limits or boundaries, such as breaking rules without consequences and influencing the life of other characters without their muns' consent. This also include using one of more of your characters to put other mun's characters into a situation they cannot get out from. 

2. Ideas, Plots, Changes. Anything major must be run past any and all characters/muns that may be involved. Changes to the universe can only be done by mods.

3. Age Restriction. You must be 18 or over to take part in this game.

4. POSTING: Minimum of 2 posts a month. Amendment: Text messages/Screened posts do not count towards the minimum. You must have 2 journal entries a month that has enough content and open for all muses to interact if they wish. 2 Posts on the same day or a day apart count as one.

5. If disagreements happen between muns, please contact the mods before drama starts.

6: CHARACTER LIMITS: two characters and a third can be applied for after 2 months if your activity level is high. A 4th character may be applied but that character must be female. You cannot have more than 2 female characters due to problems with interaction.

7. You can only have 2 characters of the same series and they have to be in different universities. There are exceptions, please contact a mod. The 4th character rule does not apply.

8. HIATUS: is max three weeks and please inform the members here  [community profile] teamuniooc and submit a form here both when entering hiatus and leaving. If you have not posted a form in the hiatus thread, we will not consider. Please keep in mind that we are unable to keep track of people in hiatus without this and will count as strike.

9: PURGING & STRIKES: A month of inactivity or failing to meet the 2 posts will cause a strike, if you do not specify that you are going on hiatus. We will message you and after a period of a week with no response. We will purge your character automatically if there has been no posts or contact in 2 months. Also, three strikes and the character will be purged.

10. There is not canon genderbending. If a character is perceived male in canon then they were assigned male at birth, perceived female, assigned female. After that, it's up to the mun. Please make sure that if you choose to follow this path that it is to enhance your character and not done simply for the sake of it with no depth.

11. Please, no excessive character dramallama,... near death, brain damage, loss of limbs, non curable STDs... you get the meaning. Family members, pets, non-playable OCs are welcome to died, but use this as a way to give your character depth rather than just create character personal drama.

12. Not a rule but... we advise members to keep previous rp relations between muses, relationships that are not clearly canon, inter-fandom character relationships or family relation to a very minimum and preferably nonexistent as not to force limitations between characters.

Have fun!! TeamUni values inter-series interaction so please interact with your new team mates, uni mates and dorm mates. If you have any question about rules and/or the universe, please don't hesitate to ask.
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