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Please, follow the link to the tournament website for the Semi-Finals Results, and the Wednesday's Quarter-Final's order or play.

Final Matches
Sunday 28th

TENNIS (club)
Togei vs Johoga

TENNIS (individual)
Yukimura Seiichi vs Echizen Ryoma
3rd. Oshitari Yuushi vs Atobe Keigo

Rakujo vs Togei
3rd. DMDU vs Johoga

Rakujo vs Johoga
3rd. Togei vs Shirataiiku

Kaiko vs DMDU

Because it's Friday, disqualified teams are able to stay to watch the finals on Saturday and Sunday as a treat from Toyama's universities. They are also allowed to return on their own if they so wish. Togei, Rakujo, Johoga, Kaiko and Shirataiiku are organizing buses for their cheering squad and other students who so wish to what the finals in Nagoya. The buses leave on Sunday morning 6am, arriving aroun 9.30am at Nagoya Sports Arena, where all finals will take place at the same time. 3rd place starts at 10.30am, the Final starts at 2pm.