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Here are the scores of today's practice matches. 1st and 2nd matches are played in Court A, 2nd and 3rd in Court B for Volleyball and Basketball. Tennis will be split in 4 Courts and played at the same time. Baseball will be played in one pitch and will stretch into the evening. Winners are underscored.

( host: Rakujo)

Morning Matches:
Kaikō vs Togei - 75-77
Rakujō vs Johōga - 107-94
Hōsei vs Shirataiiku - 103-97
DMDU vs Nenōda - 100-79

Afternoon Matches:
Shirataiiku vs Rakujō - 96-95
Togei vs DMDU - 108-88
Nenōda vs Hōsei - 81-91
Johōga vs Kaikō - 110 - 105

(host: Togei)

Morning Matches:
Shirataiiku vs Hōsei
Togei vs Nenōda
Kaikō vs Johōga
Rakujō vs DMDU

Afternoon Matches:
Nenōda vs Shirataiiku [rescheduled match] Rakujo vs Shirataiiku
DMDU vs Rakujō [rescheduled match] DMDU vs Nenoda
Johōga vs Togei
Hōsei vs Kaikō

(host: Togei)

Morning Matches:
Shirataiiku vs Kaikō
Hōsei vs Nenōda
Togei vs Rakujō
DMDU vs Johōga

Afternoon Matches:
Johōga vs Shirataiiku
Nenōda vs DMDU
Rakujō vs Hōsei
Kaikō vs Togei

(host: Shirataiiku)

Morning Matches:
Nenōda vs DMDU
Kaikō vs Shirataiiku
Johōga vs Rakujō
Hōsei vs Togei

Afternoon/Evening Matches:
Rakujō vs Kaikō
Shirataiiku vs DMDU
Togei vs Nenōda
Hōsei vs Johōga
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Wow Hosei sucked this time XD