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Community description:University Sports Anime RP community
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Welcome TeamUni RP!! This is a sport anime community where characters can choose between 8 unique universities, study what they want, find a job, meet new people, go wild at the bars, sing loudly at the karaoke, but above all, they still play their favourite sport at a national league level for their university club while living in the beautiful (and improved~) city of Toyama.

Toyama City is located about 2 hours west of Tokyo, hiding behind the Tate Mountains. The seasons in Toyama are very distinct. In Winter the area is covered in snow, sometimes a little too much snow, but that means winter sports are all over the place! Come Spring, there’s Cherry Blossom viewing week, graduation and while for others it’s only the beginning of their university life. In Summer everyone can enjoy going to the beach, hiking in the mountains and try to relax in the terribly humid and hot Japanese weather. And, finally, Autumn, the temperature starts dropping and becomes mild.

For more fun and rp possibilities, Toyama City was improved with 8 universities (Each of which has it’s on sports teams), 4 student residencies (which the 8 universities share) and other locations unique to the game. Each location has it’s purpose, be it entertainment, shopping, food or part-time job.

Every character will join the club they were part of in their junior or senior high (depending on the series). There are only a few places for playable characters in each club, so please join the university based on what major/degree your character wants to study rather than simply wanting to have the whole team from the series together again. Please, check the universities profiles to know what their subjects are.

All characters must join the club, it's a sport comm after all. The exceptions are:
- Female characters who were or were not in clubs in canon. They should be involved in a club as managers, helpers, cheerleading squad or coaches.
- Any character who appear in the series as a coach, manager or teacher. They will have to be somehow involved in the university life and club.
- If the character was injured and had to retire from the sport in canon. They must join the club as managers, cheerleading squad (Japanese style, not pompons and skirts necessarily) or medical.

Characters who have/had retired in canon due to injury can return to the club under the assumption that they have healed.

There are only a small number of places at each university that is decided by the number of places available in each team. In this way, characters from different series will be able to mingle making the game much more fun. So please, keep a 2nd option in mind for a major or degree in case the university you have chosen is full. Team captain and/or vice-captain will be decided by the mods or upon request.

The number of places per club at this moment are as follows:
- TENNIS CLUB = 5 player
- VOLLEYBALL CLUB = 1 setter, 2 spikers, 1 libero
- BASKETBALL CLUB = 3 players
- SWIMMING CLUB = 2 players
- BASEBALL = 4 players
- OTHER CLUBS = decided upon interest
Every club is also allowed 2 managers (students), 1 coach (student/staff), 1 medical (student/staff). Coaches can only be students if they are studying sports at university, were coaches in canon or forced to retire due to injury in canon. Medical can only be students who are studying medicine or related subjects (physiotherapy for instance) or were coaches in canon. Assistant coaches can be anyone that in canon has enough school, they will take the position of coach. A school cannot have both coach and assistant coach.

The number might change depending on how many characters we have in the game. Characters are allowed to transfer to another university as song as the degree they are studying is similar and available at the other university once a place in a club becomes available.

There are 4 student residencies around the city to choose from. At this moment, students are not allowed to rent or buy their own property and must live in one of those residencies. It is probably wise and more plausible for students to live close to their university (you can check the map for information), however, that is not a requirement and it's up to the player to decide where their character(s) will live. Once the character is accepted they will be given the number of their room. Characters cannot share their room with another. They all have their individual rooms but will share other facilities. Each residence has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Please check details about them [here].

University staff (coaches, supervisors) is allowed to rent/buy/share their own accommodation. They are also allowed to rent a room in the student accommodation closest to their university.

Students are allowed to have a part-time job at these locations:
- KOMBINI (convenience store found close to unis and residencies) = Wasons or 11/7
- Hoshien Cafe (city centre coffee house)
- Captain Staggers (city centre bar) = only for students over 20
- Bendys (diner, 2 locations)
- HO MALL (shopping mall) = only jobs at the arcade and the cinema are available
- TONDEFU (karaoke)

There are no jobs for students at G-BOX Club or at any random shop at the HO MALL, however locations could be considered upon request. Students can work a maximum of 20 hours a week, 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. Work must not interfere with their club duties. Characters who have jobs in canon might retain that job depending on how plausable it is.

In Japan, some universities clubs compete in leagues and even in the premier league. Some players are even scouted for the national team. In this game, all the 8 universities have high level clubs that compete nationally as well as against each other. Different from reality, but for the sake of the game, all clubs will have 2 tournament seasons. Summer season goes from May to September and Winter season from December to March. In April, each school runs regular member selection competitions. Early May and November, the 8 university will have unofficial matches against each other.
No clubs will win everything all the time. Even if in canon a character does, in the game they might lose. So for plotting, logging and characters development reasons the result of a certain match could be decided between muns, however, in team sports, the result might be decided by the mobs to avoid complications. Regional, Prefecture and National results will be decided by the mods (we are yet to decide how). Note that not all clubs will end up going to Nationals but nothing stops players from one club to go and support another club of their university.

Characters will use their journal to connect with others online. Even if they have never met in person, they are connected via Toyama's InterUniversity Forum, which they have gained access once their application was accepted by their uni. All characters are able to see what university the others are part of, but other information is not available at the InterUniversity Forum. You may use journals as means of private messages, phone text and email as a record of communication between characters. Journals may be posted private, as a diary, and no posts or comments can be removed in-game.

In Japan the academic year runs from April to March, so sometimes there is confusion about characters age. Please follow the guidelines below for CHARACTER AGE now based of canon. There are 2 ages, the younger one refers to characters whose birthday haven't yet happened at the time of application/approval, the older refers to those whose birthday have already passed.
TENPURI (all characters age up 6 years from canon) [from April 2016, 7 years]
KUROKO NO BASUKE / HAIKYUU !! / FREE! (all characters age up 3 years from canon) [from April 2016 4 years]
1st years are 18 - 19 = must be in their 1st year of uni. [April 2016 = 19 - 20]
2nd years are 19 - 20 = can be either 1st or 2nd year (either because they failed entrance exams or decided not to take) [April 2016 = 20 - 21]
3rd years are 20 - 21 = can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd year (same as above) [April 2016 = 22 - 23 ]

Characters who are 22/23 may be studying a Graduate/Post-grad/MA course. University courses in Japan run for 4 years.

If you are applying in 2016, your character must have transferred into the year they are allowed to (based on age specified above) or start as a 1st year starting in April. After April, you may choose to have your character transfer in the month of application/approval or in April 2016, but not before..

It is illegal to drink or buy cigarettes if you are under 20. So students do drink underage but it is rare.
It is illegal to drive or cycle if you have taken ANY alcohol. It does lead to jail time, so please avoid have the bad boys do that. No one really does it. There is a system called DAIKO where they come and take you and your care home.
Driving age is 18.
Buying porn is 18.



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