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Practice Matches will be help from 2nd October to 8th October.

All students who are members of a sport team will be dismissed from class in order to take part. Club regulars, managers and coaches are allowed to remain after their match to watch the other matches.

Please check the tournament BRACKETfor extra information and results.
The order of play are as follows:
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Any questions, please ask.
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As you know, students are allowed to have a part-time job. Many of you already have one. But so we all know who we are working with, please fill in the form below and comment here so we can make a table with the information. If anything changes, please make sure to comment again with the changes.

Please keep in mind that jobs are only available at these locations:

KOMBINI (convenience store found close to unis and residencies) = Wasons or 11/7
Hoshien Cafe (city centre coffee house)
Captain Staggers (city centre bar) = only for students over 20
Bendys (diner, 2 locations)
HO MALL (shopping mall) = only jobs at the arcade and the cinema are available
TONDEFU (karaoke)


There are no jobs for students at G-BOX Club or at any random shop at the HO MALL, however locations could be considered upon request. Students can work a maximum of 20 hours a week, 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. Work MUST NOT interfere with their club duties that occur before and after classes (7-8/9am and 3/4-6/7pm). Students will need time off work during Prefectural, Chubu and National tournaments in their clubs advance.

Note that if one place has too many students working at, it will be not jobs available anymore.

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From now on the community if officially opened (GET POSTING! YAY!). There are a few things for us mods to do still but we thought it would be nice to just start now because from Saturday this weekend is what we call 'Silver Week' in Japan. We have a 5-day holiday from Saturday to Wednesday. Our boys, and hopefully girls, don't need to go to uni (to study) until Thursday! Club activities are as normal, if you so wish.

So enjoy the comm and enjoy making new connections. Please check the mod posts in the communities for information on maps, unis, clubs, housing, etc. See who's in your year, club, class, etc and have fun playing!

We may have people joining this comm who are new to this type of RP and even for those who are used to this type of game, it's important to look at the information below:

You post journals IN CHARACTER to your character's journal talking about whatever you want. Something they did that day, will do, something they are annoyed/happy about. If you must add OOC information, please do so under 'sub' and mark [ooc: ]... like this

For any posts that are OOC, maybe you want to find someone to log/plot, want to share some ideas, etc, then don't post in your characters journal but in the OOC community that you have hopefully joined already.
Lastly, try to avoid one-liners. Just posting something like 'good morning' doesn't allow much engagement from other players or give anyone an insight into your characters personality. You may use journals as means of private messages, phone text and email. Those can be one-liners are they are directed to someone in particular.

TENPURI & other future junior high (all characters age up 6 years from canon)
KUROKO NO BASUKE / HAIKYUU !! / FREE! and other senior high (all characters age up 3 years from canon)
1st years are 18 - 19 = must be in their 1st year of uni.
2nd years are 19 - 20 = can be either 1st or 2nd year (either because they failed entrance exams or decided not to take)
3rd years are 20 - 21 = can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd year (same as above)

In the game, students use their journal to connect with others online via the (fictional) Toyama's InterUniversity Forum, which they have gained access once they first joined their uni. All characters are able to see what university the others are part of, but other information, such as housing and club, is not available at the InterUniversity Forum. It's likely most people know each other as they might have been playing together or against each other for a while. There are also parties and all those things. Feel free to exploit this to make new connections.

All students studying at the same university, same year and same major are automatically in the same class. Same university, similar major and same year share some classes.

In Japan the academic year runs from April to March, so 1st years have been in uni since April 2015. All club members have been through the national league tournament. It just a week ago.

National Tournament just ended last week. For the purpose of plotting and development, and also so not all schools said they won everything, we have randomly but structurally came up with the result for Summer Season:
Please got to quick add and make sure you added and granted access to everyone. If your character is not there, drop is a note. Introduce yourself in the [community profile] teamuniooc  and if you have AIM let us know. We have a group chat set up for the community!

8D!! Now....*cuts the red tape*... GO!

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1. No God-Modding. It's really self-explanatory but just in case: "God Modding" is in essence when someone's character has the ability to do know things they shouldn't, and do things without limits or boundaries, such as breaking rules without consequences and influencing the life of other characters without their muns' consent. This also include using one of more of your characters to put other mun's characters into a situation they cannot get out from. 

2. Ideas, Plots, Changes. Anything major must be run past any and all characters/muns that may be involved. Changes to the universe can only be done by mods.

3. Age Restriction. You must be 18 or over to take part in this game.

4. POSTING: Minimum of 2 posts a month. Amendment: Text messages/Screened posts do not count towards the minimum. You must have 2 journal entries a month that has enough content and open for all muses to interact if they wish. 2 Posts on the same day or a day apart count as one.

5. If disagreements happen between muns, please contact the mods before drama starts.

6: CHARACTER LIMITS: two characters and a third can be applied for after 2 months if your activity level is high. A 4th character may be applied but that character must be female. You cannot have more than 2 female characters due to problems with interaction.

7. You can only have 2 characters of the same series and they have to be in different universities. There are exceptions, please contact a mod. The 4th character rule does not apply.

8. HIATUS: is max three weeks and please inform the members here  [community profile] teamuniooc and submit a form here both when entering hiatus and leaving. If you have not posted a form in the hiatus thread, we will not consider. Please keep in mind that we are unable to keep track of people in hiatus without this and will count as strike.

9: PURGING & STRIKES: A month of inactivity or failing to meet the 2 posts will cause a strike, if you do not specify that you are going on hiatus. We will message you and after a period of a week with no response. We will purge your character automatically if there has been no posts or contact in 2 months. Also, three strikes and the character will be purged.

10. There is not canon genderbending. If a character is perceived male in canon then they were assigned male at birth, perceived female, assigned female. After that, it's up to the mun. Please make sure that if you choose to follow this path that it is to enhance your character and not done simply for the sake of it with no depth.

11. Please, no excessive character dramallama,... near death, brain damage, loss of limbs, non curable STDs... you get the meaning. Family members, pets, non-playable OCs are welcome to died, but use this as a way to give your character depth rather than just create character personal drama.

12. Not a rule but... we advise members to keep previous rp relations between muses, relationships that are not clearly canon, inter-fandom character relationships or family relation to a very minimum and preferably nonexistent as not to force limitations between characters.

Have fun!! TeamUni values inter-series interaction so please interact with your new team mates, uni mates and dorm mates. If you have any question about rules and/or the universe, please don't hesitate to ask.
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There are only a small number of places for playable character per university club. Below are the taken and available places.Read more... )
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All student residences have these facilities

• Reception that is open from 6pm to 8pm.
• No curfew. Residents must carry their own keys.
• No noise after 10pm.
• Kitchen is shared and opened 5am to 10pm.
• All rooms have a mini fridge, a TV, a study area, toilet with shower, bed, wardrobes.
• All rooms are none smoking.
• There is an outside smoking area.
• There is a women and a men's onsen. Opened from 5am to 10pm.
• There's a parking for bicycles and bikes.
• Visitors are NOT allowed (in theory), apart from when parties are help at the garden/living area.

Below you can find information about each individual residence, which may suit your character needs better.

For examples on dorms and rooms, please check this post.
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● Taken
● Reserved/Application under review
● Click here for the List of Characters In-Game by University
● Click here for the List of Club Members by University


Tezuka Kunimitsu | ● Oishi Shuichirou | ● Fuji Shuusuke | ● Kikumaru Eiji | ● Inui Sadaharu | ● Kawamura Takashi | ● Momoshiro Takeshi | ● Kaidou Kaoru | ● Echizen Ryoma | ● Horio Satoshi

Atobe Keigo | ● Oshitari Yuushi | ● Akutagawa Jirou | ● Mukahi Gakuto | ● Shishido Ryo | ● Ohtori Choutarou | ● Hiyoshi Wakashi | ● Kabaji Munehiro | ● Taki Haginosuke

● Yukimura Seiichi | ● Sanada Genichirou | ● Yanagi Renji | ● Niou Masaharu | ● Yagyuu Hiroshi | ● Kuwahara Jackal | ● Marui Bunta | ● Kirihara Akaya

● Shiraishi Kuranosuke | ● Oshitari Kenya | ● Ishida Gin | ● Koshikawa Kenjirou | ● Chitose Senri | ● Hitouji Yuuji | ● Konjiki Koharu | ● Zaizen Hikaru | ● Tooyama Kintarou

● Kite Eishirou | ● Tanishi Kei | ● Hirakoba Rin | ● Kai Yuujirou | ● Chinen Hiroshi | ● Aragaki Kouichi | ● Shiranui Tomoya

● Aoi Kentarou | ● Saeki Koujirou | ● Kisarazu Ryou | ● Kurobane Harukaze | ● Itsuki Marehiko | ● Shudou Satoshi | ● Amane Hikaru

● Akazawa Yoshirou | ● Mizuki Hajime | ● Kisarazu Atsushi | ● Yanagisawa Shinya | ● Fuji Yuuta | ● Kaneda Ichirou | ● Nomura Takuya

● Tachibana Kippei | ● Ishida Tetsu | ● Ibu Shinji | ● Kamio Akira | ● Uchimura Kyousuke | ● Mori Tatsunori | ● Sakurai Masaya

● Minami Kentarou | ● Higashikata Masami | ● Sengoku Kiyosumi | ● Akutsu Jin | ● Muromachi Touji | ● Dan Taiichi

● Echizen Ryoga | ● Ryuuzaki Sakuno | ● Osakada Tomoka | ● Tachibana An | ● Yamato Yudai | ● Ryuuzaki Sumire | ● Sakaki Tarou | ● Hanamura Aoi


● Kuroko Tetsuya | ● Kagami Taiga | ● Hyuga Junpei | ● Izuki Shun | ● Kiyoshi Teppei | ● Mitobe Rinnosuke | ● Koganei Shinji | ● Tsuchida Satoshi | ● Furihata Koki | ● Kawahara Koichi | ● Fukuda Hiroshi | ● Aida Riko

Kise Ryouta | ● Kasamatsu Yukio | ● Moriyama Yoshitaka | ● Hayakawa Mitsuhiro | ● Kobori Koji | ● Nakamura Shinya

● Midorima Shintarou | ● Takao Kazunari | ● Otsubo Taisuke | ● Miyaji Kiyoshi | ● Kimura Shinsuke

Aomine Daiki | ● Wakamatsu Kousuke | ● Sakurai Ryou | ● Imayoshi Shoichi | ● Susa Yoshinori | ● Momoi Satsuki

Murasakibara Atsushi | ● Himuro Tatsuya | ● Okamura Kenichi | ● Fukui Kensuke | ● Liu Wei | ● Masako Araki

● Akashi Seijuro | ● Hamaya Kotarou | ● Mibuchi Reo | ● Nebuya Eikichi | ● Mayuzumi Chihiro

Hanamiya Makoto | ● Furuhashi Kōjirō | ● Hara Kazuya | ● Seto Kentarō | ● Yamazaki Hiroshi

● Haizaki Shōgo| ● Mochizuki Kazuhiro | ● Ishida Hideki


Sawamura Daichi | ● Sugawara Kōshi | ● Azumane Asahi | ● Nishinoya Yū | ● Tanaka Ryūnosuke | ● Ennoshita Chikara | ● Narita Kazuhito | ● Kinoshita Hisashi | ● Kageyama Tobio | ●Hinata Shōyō | ● Tsukishima Kei | ● Yamaguchi Tadashi

●Tetsurō Kuroo | ● Kai Nobuyuki | ● Yaku Morisuke | ● Yamamoto Taketora | ● Zorume Kenma | ● Fukunaga Shōhei | ● Inuoka Sō | ● Haiba Lev | ● Shibayama Yūki

● Oikawa Tōru | ● Matsukawa Issei | ● Hanamaki Takahiro | ● Iwaizumi Hajime | ● Yahaba Shigeru | ● Watari Shinji | ● Kindaichi Yūtarō | ● Kunimi Akira | ● Kyōtani Kentarō

Bokuto Kōtarō | ● Akaashi Keiji | ● Washio Tatsuki | ● Sarukui Yamato | ● Konoha Akinori | ● Komi Haruki | ● Onaga Wataru
● Shimizu Kiyoko | ● Michimiya Yui | ● Hinata Natsu | ● Yachi Hitoka | ● Tanaka Saeko


● Nanase Haruka | ● Tachibana Makoto | ● Hazuki Nagisa | ● Ryuugazaki Rei | ● Matsuoka Rin | ● Mikoshiba Seijirou | ● Nitori Aiichirou | ● Mikoshiba Momotarou | ● Matsuoka Gou | ● Yamazaki Ko | ● Yamazaki Sōsuke


● Sawamura Eijun | ● Furuya Satoru | ● Miyuki Kazuya | ● Kominato Haruichi | ● Isashiki Jun


● Narumiya Mei | ● Kamiya Karurosu Toshiki | ● Shirakawa Katsuyuki | ● Yamaoka Riku | ● Tadano Itsuki | ● Kunitomo Hiroshige

● Todoroki Raichi | ● Sanada Shunpei | ● Mishima Yūta | ● Akiba Kazuma | ● Todoroki Raizō

If you want to apply for a character in the series above and they are not in the list, please let us know. The same goes for characters of other sport series not mentioned in the list. We will add upon request.


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