Nov. 18th, 2015

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Hello everyone! We have a few updates for you all!

Winter training camp:

Winter training camp will be held at a hotel in the Tateyama mountains from 3rd of December to the 7th of the same month for all teams. There will be facilities for each sport to practice in and these will be joint practices. There will also be some trekking as well. Rooming will be mixed between all sports teams so we will be posting a rooming list closer to the date. Once practice is over everyone is free to mingle, have dinner together and use the hotel installations(public bath, lounge, cafe etc.)


Regional will be held from the 12th of December to the 18th of December. More information and match-ups soon to come.

Special part-time job opportunity :

Every year the Ho-mall holds a Meet Santa Claus! event during the winter season starting this year from the 23rd of November running until the 25th of December.  Ho-mall is currently looking for applicants to fill the roles of Santa and Santa's little helpers (Elves) If your character would like to sign up please comment on this post!

Toyama Ice skating rink: 

Toyama city will be opening an outdoor ice skating starting from the second week of December until the end of February. 

Suggestions Post:

How would you all feel to have a post where everyone can freely leave suggestions to better the comm,maybe some event or idea you had in mind or maybe there is something you'd like to ask or tell us. Pretty much Anything. If you'd like we can leave a screening option on!

Once again everyone, if you could take the time to tells us penis if you read this post that'd be great. 


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