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From the comments in the previous and private talks, we have decided to take some of the ideas into consideration and simplify how matches are scored.

Swimming and Cycling will remain the same.

Volleyball and Baseball will be 100% random when playing against one of the 8 schools. When playing NPCs, all 8 schools get a 2 draw handicap.

Basketball, the whole system will remain when playing NPCs. When they face each other, the character point system will be dropped and only scoring restrictions will remain.

Tennis, the point system will remain. All players will be granted one extra draw for their school when facing NPCs. Top players will be granted 2 extra draws against NPCs, 1 draw when facing other players.
Based on canon info, the top players at the moment are:
Atobe / Yukimura / Shiraishi / Sanada / Akutsu / Tōyama / Marui / Fuji / Niō / Gin / Oishi / Kite / Kirihara / Echizen / Tezuka (not in the list but using common sense) and some high schoolers.

Date: 2016-02-28 04:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] heyheyheey
Thank you for considering our suggestions! :)


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